Confidential Waste Clearance

Confidential Waste Clearance in Central and North London

Confidential waste

Confidential Waste Clearance

When you consider the amount of man-hours it can cost a company to dispose of its confidential waste in a safe and secure way, it makes hiring trusted third party like A4 Waste Disposal Services look like a viable option. Why not consider letting us offer a FREE, no-obligation quote for the regular collection and incineration of all your confidential waste? Then you do the maths. We're more than confident that you'll want to chat further.

'A4 Waste Disposal Services is a Registered Waste Carrier'

As well as regular confidential waste clearance we also provide data destruction services accompanied by a copy of the destruction certificate if required. 
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'We recycle over 90% of all waste materials collected'

Data Destruction Services in North London

As a result of the ever tightening rules around data protection it is absolutely imperative that companies take every precaution to safeguard their own and their client's sensitive data. At Waste Disposal Services we offer a comprehensive data destruction service including the removal and incineration of paperwork, files and computer hard drives. Once we have collected your sensitive material it is NOT stored before destruction. It is destroyed IMMEDIATELY. To find out more, contact us now.
Data destruction
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